Live wedding and event painting, but with a difference!

It's been a dream of mine for a little while now to paint live at special and significant events. A huge part of my practice is drawing from the energy around me and this has been ever present with my commissioned work. I love chatting with those I am creating a painting for and gathering all the knowledge and symbolic touches such as meaningful objects, reference photos and the meaning behind why they would love particular items included in the painting. I am looking forward to immersing myself in the energy of your wedding or special event and creating an heirloom piece that you will cherish forever.  

How it works:

I will chat with you prior to the event to establish the look and colour palette you are hoping for as well as to discuss the finer details of your wedding or event such as reference to loved ones that can't be there, special objects you'd like included and any specifics for the day.

I like to arrive at least 40 mins prior to my beginning the painting process in order to set up my easel and paints and get a feel for the event (this is all part of my artistic practice and ensures I can express the perfect energy in your piece! 

I will then spend around 3 hours working at my easel in front of your guests to create the initial colourful layers of your bespoke painting. I absolutely love painting and it's such a privilege to immerse myself in your special day while chatting to inquisitive guests and creating something so special, just for you! Once I have the initial layers in place I will continue to work on your painting for another 4-5 weeks in my studio (with a little correspondence to make sure the painting is just perfect!) I'll then have your painting professionally framed in Tasmanian Oak and safely delivered to you.

My live painting offering differs from others in that I am not creating portraits or a figurative scene from your event. I work in my true style of abstract still life, preferring to draw upon the little things that make your day unique to you! I also offer the options of my florals en mass and intuitive abstract painting style if this is more you vibe!

Total Investment:

$2900 including 4 hours live painting at your event, an original artwork framed in Tasmanian oak measuring 76x102cm (Please let me know if you require a custom size)



I am available at all locations between Sydney and the South Coast of NSW (I am available to travel further upon request)